AFIST launching event

On Friday 25 November 2022, the official launch event of the Association of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology took place. The theme of the event was "Supporting and Empowering Women Through Education" and addressed the level of education in Romania, i.e. the field and STEM women, as well as responsible investment in human resources for sustainable development through education.
Science, engineering and technology are the main tools through which we can make progress, and by involving as many people as possible, regardless of gender or orientation, coming from different backgrounds with varied abilities, we can only accelerate and shape sustainable development for society as a whole.

The setting of the event was a special one, as the Oteteleșanu Mansion in Măgurele has a long history, being over time a Girls' Institute, as well as a source of inspiration for some of the greatest writers of the time, including Ioan Slavici and Mihai Eminescu.
On this way we would like to thank all the people who have honoured us with their presence and support us in this movement which aims to promote and support women in technical fields in Romania.

Thanks to the partners of AFISTSocietatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA, Primaria Orașului Măgurele, Universitatea POLITEHNICA din BucureștiExtreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Center (ELI-NP) UNSR, AS Poli, OST, Med