The purpose of the Mentoring program is to connect experienced people with others that are just starting and need professional guidance, but also want to deepen their knowledge.
Through the mentoring program, young people will be encouraged to deal with professional uncertainties and better understand the requirements of a career in technical fields, to evolve personally, professionally, and socially.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who will help you improve your skills, take better decisions, and obtain new perspectives on life and career. The mentor will use his own experience to guide you concerning your current and future life so that you can become an example to follow.

Why choose the mentorship/mentoring program?

⦁ You will know people
⦁ You will expand the area/field of knowledge by interacting with people from different fields
⦁ You will find answers to your questions
⦁ You will discover new abilities and improve the existing ones


The benefits of the mentee

⦁ Useful information about a potential career in the technical field
⦁ Improving abilities
⦁ Solving professional uncertainties and problems
⦁ Consolidation of already acquired knowledge
⦁ Development of both professionally and socially
⦁ Integration into a community that aims to grow and develop permanently
⦁ Certificate of participation in the AFIST Mentoring Program


Regarding your needs, you can join the one that suits you the best:

Soft-skills mentoring

o Guidance toward a career in one of the technical fields
o Choosing a technical job based on your skills and what you like to do
o Resolving some professional uncertainties that arise at the beginning of each career
o Personal development
o Public speaking
o Preparing for the interview, writing a cover letter and CV

Tech-skills mentoring

o Resolving punctual, technical-scientific problems
o Experienced people will help you clarify certain technical or scientific aspects, sharing their knowledge
o A vision of what a job entails in the technical field chosen by the mentor
o Steps to follow to prepare to apply for a job in the technical field chosen by the mentor

Business mentoring
o Steps to follow for developing your own business and what opening a business entails: from idea to reality
o What funds can be accessed by young people to create a business

Whom is the MENTORING PROGRAM addressed?
Young people who attended or are currently attending technical faculties and who are interested in finding out more details about a possible career in technical fields, who are willing to deepen certain notions, or who have not acquired their knowledge very well in a certain field, who want to improve personal and social skills, who need a push to invest more in themselves.

How can you sign up?

Complete the registration form and press the SEND button

After we receive it and analyze it, we will invite you to a short discussion to get to know each other

After the discussion, we will let you know what decision we made

Implementation of the mentoring program

  1. Complete the registration form and press the SEND button.
  2. We invite you to a discussion to learn more about yourself.
  3. We inform you about the decision taken.
  4. You sign the AFIST collaboration contract.
  5. We send your contact details to the chosen mentor who will contact you to set up the details of the mentoring sessions.
  6. The mentoring program consists of 4 physical/online sessions of 1h-1h30′ with the mentor depending on the availability of each one.
  7. At the end of the Mentoring program, we will receive a report from the mentor, and you will send us a feedback form and also a video/written testimonial.
  8. You will receive a certificate of participation in the Mentoring Program.


HERE (link to the page with mentors) you can find out more details about our mentors and choose the one you think can help you the most.

The mentoring program will take place during two cycles of 3 months each:
o Mentoring Cycle 1 MAY, JUNE, and JULY
o Mentoring Cycle 2 SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, and NOVEMBER