Serata AFIST – 25 Ianuarie 2023

Our first Serata AFIST of the year was in January and it was an accumulation of energy, joy and excitement. During the AFIST evening, we had the pleasure to have Daniel Bălan, semi-finalist of Romanians Voice, as our guest, who delighted us.

In addition to his musical talent, Daniel also shares his passion for being a geography teacher, conveying this passion to his students, which is reflected in the exceptional results they have achieved over the years in national competitions and Olympiads.

„Let’s make a better world together!” este motto-ul său, și totodată sintagma dupa care își ghidează alegerile. Dorim să-i mulțumim pe această cale pentru participare și pentru faptul că susține educația, sub orice fel de formă, oferindu-ne încrederea și ambiția să pregătim în continuare serate de neuitat.

Daniel managed to delight us and to de-energize the atmosphere with his energy. Art and music represent pleasure, joy and provide answers to all the emotions and thoughts that guide our mood.

At the same time, the events would not be as successful if we did not have the relaxing and welcoming space that The Coffee Shop Constituției provides us. We want to thank them for hosting us every month.