Our purpose - The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship aims to ensure the connection between the academic/educational environment and the working environment: universities with a technical profile - companies and research institutions. Another aim of this direction is to increase the number of women in technical fields.

What are the objectives of the department?

The department aims to create professionalization and employment opportunities for students. It also aims to obtain several paid internship places dedicated to students through collaborations with institutions and companies with a technical profile.
The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship takes responsibility for the selection of student applicants based on training, motivation and aspirations so that the benefits and advantages are on both sides – both for students and for companies/institutions.

What opportunities it will bring to students?

Creating professional and social opportunities for young students at the beginning of their careers;
Finding professional practice positions or paid internship in the right fields/interests for the applicants;
The possibility of employment in technical/professional fields;
Professional training from specialists from their field;
Setting up a technical profile dedicated to the needs and abilities of the students.

Why choose to participate in the events organized by this department?

We will help you find a professional practice position or internship at research companies/institutes;.
You will have the opportunity to participate at thematic events (job fairs, conferences, presentations, galas, etc.);
You will be able to work in technical fields, based on your technical and social skills.
You will receive career support, guidance and training;
Programs within The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship will help you create a connection between yourself and your employer.
You have the opportunity to participate in trainings and specialized courses in technical or profile fields.

The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship carries out the following activities:

The first program within the department starts with “Career Starter” and aims to find professional practice or internship positions for young students who will join us;
Organizing events to launch the program and recruit young people for internship/professional practice positions;
Organizing volunteer programs for young students in the department;
Organizing trainings and/or specialized courses for professional training dedicated to positions in the companies of interest.

How can you sign up?

Send us a brief description of what area you would like to activate, together with your CV, at the email address, and we will contact you!

*Enrollment in the programs organized by The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship is free and is addressed to all young women who want to pursue a career in the technical field.