The purpose of the Mentoring program is to connect experienced people with others that are just starting and need professional guidance, but also want to deepen their knowledge.

The Department of Education aims to meet students' career skills needs. It is structured on the Soft and Tech Events subfields, being a catalyst in the relationship between employer and future employee.

The Department of Professional Counseling and Internship aims to ensure the connection between the academic/educational environment and the working environment: universities with a technical profile - companies and research institutions. Another aim of this direction is to increase the number of women in technical fields.

We want to bring the artistic factor in the educational and university environment, showing new ways of relaxing and spending the free time with increased quality.

We want to promote arts for bringing great creativity in the academic activity but also in ones career. întâlnirile față în față cu oamenii pot schimba perspective, mentalități. ​

We are engaged in promoting innovation as the intersection between science, technology and art, creativity. We are looking forword to introducing the students to innovation projects and programs. dans, actorie, muzică, educație, domeniul juridic, psihologie, iar lista nu se va opri aici.