Mentoring 2022

This first programme proposed by AFIST is a coaching programme. The student will be helped to understand how to solve her problems related to professional uncertainties and less to support her in solving problems of technical or scientific nature.

The mentoring programme will take place in the following sequence:
⦁ Introduction of the MENTORS;
⦁ Selection of mentors by students. Each student will be able to choose 3 mentors (she will put them in a personal top).
⦁ Making of mentor-student pairs by AFIST.
⦁ Start of the programme. Meetings will be mutually agreed (mentor-student) according to needs.
⦁ AFIST will meet monthly with each student and mentor for feedback (subject to time availability).
⦁ If a student does not fulfill her obligations, the mentor has the right to suspend the collaboration. Also, if the student does not receive the necessary help, she can ask the association to change the mentor.
⦁ The programme will end on 19 November 2022 with a final report from both the mentor and the student


AFIST does not impose mentoring guidelines, but believes that these should be defined together by the mentor and the student according to need. These directions and challenges should be related to the student's professional life, such as career planning, self-confidence, work-life balance, CV, job application, etc.

Frequency and structure of meetings:
The mentor and the student define together the frequency and duration of the meetings.
The programme itself will start in May 2022. It can take place online or through physical meetings - choice of mentor and student.
The structure and appropriate frequency of meetings will depend on individual needs, but we suggest one to one and a half hour meetings every 4-6 weeks.
The whole mentoring programme aims to guide and support young women in technical fields who want to grow and develop professionally, personally and socially.
Moreover, it would be advisable (if possible, of course) to involve the student in engineering, scientific, technical circles of interest to her, in order to socialize and form a strong network on which she can rely in her career development.

This program is over