Mentoring 2023

Launch of the AFIST Mentoring Program – AIM for Inspiration and Success Through Mentorship

With pride and great enthusiasm, on March 29, 2023, we launched the AFIST Mentoring Program 2023 edition - AIM for Inspiration and Success Through Mentorship. The event, attended by over 80 people, including mentors, students, and special guests, took place in an impressive location, the Romanian Senate, and was organized with passion and dedication by the entire AFIST team.

In a constantly changing world, where knowledge and continuous learning represent the key to evolution, our Mentorship Program is an open window to the future of education. At AFIST, we are committed to facilitating knowledge transfer between generations, supporting the paradigm of lifelong learning, and encouraging young people to want to develop professionally, socially, and personally. These elements are fundamental to the evolution from traditional education models to what we enthusiastically call the “multiversitie” of the future.

Our event represented a unique opportunity to bring together successful people, inspirational leaders, and young people eager to build a future in technical fields. We had the privilege of listening to these remarkable people's stories and life experiences, who shared with us the secrets of success in today's complex world.

Within the AFIST Mentorship Program, more than 40 experts from vast fields who want to share their knowledge and guide new generations to inspiration and success in this dynamic world have agreed to get involved. We are grateful to them for all their involvement and professionalism.

Our event included an engaging panel discussion entitled “Youth in STEM: Needs, Challenges and Solutions”, where Sonia Maer, Gabriel Floarea, Ciprian Zamfir, and Ionuț Hotnog, representatives of student associations, brought crucial topics to the fore for the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The topics were debated with Georgeta Dendrino, Claudia Tamași, Ana Caramete and Radu Ciucu, representatives from fields such as personal development, science, technology, and the business environment, who came up with really helpful advices and perspectives.

With every discussion and exchange of ideas, we grew as individuals and built a solid and vibrant community. At AFIST, we encourage the growth of a community of learners and leaders who support each other on their journey to excellence and success.

Along with guests, young people eager to develop and mentors, Senator Monica Anisie, Christina Korp and Oana Tucker (organizers of the Aim Higher Romania - Space for a Better World event), Prof. Serge Miranda (President of the Scientific Council – DATUM Academy) and Valérie Hayotte (EMEA Director – Oracle) were present with us (physically or in virtual format).

AFIST is dedicated to promoting personal and professional development. Through the Mentorship Program, we are happy to see our community grow and shine toward success.

We invite you to be part of our journey and join this ever-evolving community! Let's build the future of learning and success together!