About us

The Association of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to promote and support women in technical fields, but especially the growth of these extremely important fields for society that define not only our present and our way of living, but also the way we shape our future.

Our organization is committed to creating a supportive community where women in technical fields can connect, learn and grow. By supporting and promoting women in these fields, we can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

The activities carried out by AFIST are based on EDUCATION and are aimed at everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, coming from different backgrounds with varying abilities. We want to build life-changing experiences for all and we hope you will join us in our mission to support and promote women in engineering, science and technology and these extremely important technical fields for Romania.

We believe that progress and development can only be truly sustainable when it is inclusive and equitable.We involve as many people as possible, regardless of gender or orientation, from different backgrounds and varied abilities. We support individuals to help create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, creating technologies that better meet the needs of society as a whole and that can accelerate sustainable development.

AFIST focuses all its activity on 4 main directions:

Education: Balancing the gender balance in the technical-scientific fields and attracting as many young people as possible to these fields by organising dedicated and innovative educational programmes.

Mentoring: Connecting experienced people with those who are just starting out and need professional guidance. Mentoring focuses on the following three areas:
- Personal development
- Technical mentoring
- Business mentoring

Culture: We read, we get information from various sources, but meeting people face to face can change perspectives, mindsets.

Professional development & opportunities: Managing projects to form links between young people, employers and academia.