We want to bring the artistic factor in the educational and university environment, showing new ways of relaxing and spending the free time with increased quality.

We want to promote arts for bringing great creativity in the academic activity but also in ones career.

We are engaged in promoting innovation as the intersection between science, technology and art, creativity. We are looking forword to introducing the students to innovation projects and programs.

Activities carried out within the culture department:

Organizarea de evenimente intitulate – Serate AFIST – cu scop recreativ și de socializare, în cadrul cărora există unul sau mai multe momente artistice, cu invitați inspiraționali pentru studenți.

A program that brings to the fore artists who combine art with technology, a program that takes place in the form of a conference/exhibition 


Our first goal is to create a beneficial environment for socialising, networking, where the AFIST members can get in touch with non-members. 

The second goal is an educational one: we want to promote innovative concepts as the base of technological but also artistic evolution, unveiling another important aspect of the STEM career.

We engage in creating recurring events every month to bring together the members, non-members and people with all types of interests, to sustain an interdisciplinary environment and to ease the process of networking and socialising with new persons every time. 

What benefits we bring to students:

Recreation, socialization in an environment conducive to the development of new connections between AFIST members, professionals and artists.

Up-to-date knowledge of technologies that have an essential role in art and the artistic process.